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Yuanjie semiconductor high quality semiconductor laser chip supplier

Technical Strengths

Technical Strengths

Vertical integration

  • 01

    Active region epitaxy process

  • 02

    Grating technology

  • 03

    Secondary and above epitaxial process

  • 04

    Wafer process

  • 05

    Automated chip testing

  • 06

    High-frequency chip testing

  • 07

    Reliability testing and verification

  • Active region epitaxy process Active region epitaxy process

    • We purchase substrate and gas source only to carry out independent development and production of epitaxy;

    • InGaAsP and AllnGaAs dual-material epitaxy technology;

    • Buried waveguide epitaxy technology

  • Grating technology Grating technology

    • Holographic grating lithography;

    • EB phase grating technology;

    • 100nm linewidth etching technology.

  • Secondary and above epitaxial process Secondary and above epitaxial process

    • Years of epitaxy experience ensure the yield of multi-epitaxy products;

    • Heterojunction epitaxy technology;

    • Optical device integration technology;

    • Production of high-efficiency electrical injection material;

    • Production of functional optical waveguide material.

  • Wafer process Wafer process

    • Years of accumulation in wafer process details;

    • Process parametric statistics control

  • Automated chip testing Automated chip testing

    • Introduce automated chip testing machine from abroad to fully control the whole testing process;

    • Select the products (- 40 ~ 95 ° C) at room temperature, high temperature and low temperature to control product quality by tests;

    • Ability to test and analyze important parameters such as luminous power, temperature sensitivity, spectrum, backlight and divergence angles;

    • The fiber transmission sensitivity test system is employed to predict the test result at the client side in advance.

  • High-frequency chip testing High-frequency chip testing

    • Independent CoC packaging design verifies high-frequency chip design;

    • Full-temperature eye diagram and bandwidth test system strictly control the products for shipment;

    • RIN test system stabilizes products from noise interference.

  • Reliability testing and verification Reliability testing and verification

    • Reliability testing and verification

    • The reliability of every chip is tested to accurately ensure the quality of each wafer;

    • Airtight and non-airtight aging test, high-temperature aging test, dual 85 test, low-temperature storage, temperature cycling test, ESD, push and pull test.

Technical advantages

Technical Advantages Of Yuanjie Semiconductor